We are very grateful to our parents for entrusting your kids to our coaches. It was a great season made possible by your involvement, trust and help. Thank you!

Read more about our successful 2014 season here.

Great Falls Connection: read the latest 2013 article in our local newspaper here.

Great Falls Youth Rugby Club is a 501(c)3 non-profit youth co-ed rugby club that plays in the spring and summer months with close to 30 other teams in the Rugby Virginia league. The Spring session (for BOYS - U13, U15, U17, U19) runs from the end of January to May, culminating in a State-wide tournament.

The Summer session (for COED - U7, U9, U11, BOYS - U13, U15, U17, U19) begins with pre-season clinics in May and continue to an all-team tournament during the last weekend of July.

Great Falls Rugby was created to fulfill a void in the Great Falls/Reston/Herndon/Sterling/McLean area for youth rugby.

Rugby is fast, fun and safe and as the newest Olympic sport it is catching on with kids across the country who can now see games on television and want to get their hands on a ball.
Rugby is fun! Give it a try!

gfr Age Group: U7, U9, U11 Co-ed "Touch" (Non-Contact)
Boys and girls 7-a-side rugby. Depending on the quantity of players per team during matches; we might reduce (or increase!) the numbers.

gfr Age Group: U13, U15, High School Boys "Tackle" (Contact)
We play 11/side, but would like to play as close to 15/side given the opportunity with available players..

gfr Age Group: U13, U15, U17 Girls "Tackle" (Contact)
Girls 7-a-side rugby. Depending on the quantity of players per team during matches; we might reduce (on increase!) the numbers.

Important dates & news

GFYR has set up a Paypal fundraising program (no paypal account needed/tax-deductible/501(c)3 non-profit). We need money PRIOR to the season starting to ensure that we have the full set of kit and equipment BEFORE the first practices and matches start!    READ MORE HERE

Rugby makes better football players >> Read our study here - how playing rugby benefits football players

REGISTRATION FOR 2014: status: CLOSED. 2015 players needed: Ages 5-10 for Touch (tag) teams. Ages 11-18 for Tackle (contact) teams. Keep an eye out for 2015 registration.

2014 Season-ending comments >> Go here to read about our successful 2014 season and our plans for year 2015. See how you can help with recruitment, sponsorship etc. Any feedback, send us an email here.

CONTACT US HERE >> Go here to contact us and/or give us your details. Keep up to date via email regarding GFR news & events, even during the off-season. Any questions and/or comments, please feel free to contact us! If you want to send a simple email, click here.

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