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GARY Head Coach Gary Coetzee is a longtime first division player from South Africa and France, who finally hung up his boots after 45+ years of competitive rugby to concentrate on coaching and developping rugby in Northern Virginia. Rugby is a tough sell in this world of American Football, Lacrosse, Swimming, Wrestling etc., but with the Great Falls team they are determined to build a strong rugby culture and presence, player by player!

His son Luke is a Founding Player of The Eagles and his daughter Cate has just graduated to tackle rugby. Coach Gary is a level 200 World Rugby and USA Rugby certified coach.

Coach Jared Nugent is a USA Rugby Level 200 coach who has been coaching for the last 6 years. His first experience with Rugby was in the Marine Corps in the 90's, having coached youth sports since 1987, Jared started coaching rugby when his son began to play. His goal is to develop player love for the game and their technical and tactical abilities.

Coach Rich Babcock is a newcomer to the world of rugby, having grown up in Indiana in a land berift of rugby - Rich played american football for 7 years. Coach Rich's son Trevor started playing rugby last year and currently plays on the U15 team. Coach Rich is a level 200 World Rugby and USA Rugby certified coach.

James Siddell ...

Bill Ashton

Coach Mike Vinter has been involved in Great Falls rugby since the founding of the club in 2011. His son JP is a middle school (U15) player for the club. Mike received his Level 200 certification in 2015. He has also coached football in Vienna (VYI) for four (4) years as well as house basketball in Great Falls for several years. Mike is a strong believer that football players would benefit tremendously by participating in rugby. Quite simply, playing rugby will make a kid a better football player. Mike is a native of Northern Virginia, having grown up in Vienna and currently residing in Great Falls.

Coach Juan Carlos "JC" Araneda comes from Chile, but he started playing rugby in Argentina, in Middle School, through to High School, and in college at UBB. JC now works for Fairfax County Public Schools. He has Level 200 certification, and coaches his boys in U15 and U11.

Alwyn Coetzee

Coach Braden Giordano started playing rugby in 1999, playing 2nd Row, with the Virginia Rugby Football club and continued until he moved to Northern Virginia in the Fall of 2003. He played one more year with Western Suburbs before hanging up his cleats.

He started helping coach the preK/K team in 2015 when his children were old enough to start playing, assisting Dave and Kathy Lett and continues to coach today. During the “off-season”, he works with all the tag kids, focusing on maintaining their base skills, and improving the overall fitness level of the team.

Chip Colbert

Kathy Lett

Rules and Regs
Rugby VA Youth Touch laws
The current modified laws by which our teams will be playing are posted (here)

Rugby VA Youth Tackle laws
The current modified laws by which our teams will be playing are posted (here)

Beginners Guide & Laws
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Basic laws Simplified
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Rugby Positions
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