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Year 2012: u15 boys striking a pose

Codes of Conduct and Paperwork Requirements

Rugby is a game to be respected by all participants and spectators. Players, coaches and parents are representing your teams, clubs, and the Game of Rugby. All club members and spectators will conduct themselves as ladies and gentlemen on the sidelines as well as on the pitch.

As representatives of our Club we will strive to improve the image of rugby and rugby players at every level and at every opportunity. No one from the sideline may at any time enter the playing enclosure for any reason, without the permission of the referee, least of all to insert him or herself into an on-field altercation of any kind or to confront the referee, coach or other game official.

Any vocal disagreement with the referee's decisions runs the risk of a penalty against your team and/or expulsion from the sidelines. If you are a player and you disagree with the referee's decision, you may address the matter with your team captain and he/she will politely and professionally address the matter with the referee.

If you attempt to address the matter with the referee yourself, even politely and professionally, the referee may insist you go through your team captain. If you address the matter impolitely or unprofessionally with the referee, you can be penalized, sin-binned, or sent off.

If you are a spectator, you may not cross the sideline barrier at any time for any reason, not even at halftime. A parent may attend to their injured son or daughter with the permission of the referee.

Spectators will not verbally abuse any player or match official, even from behind the sideline barrier. When the game is ended, you may enter the playing enclosure or field of play to congratulate your team and the other team. You will not address the other team, referee, or other match officials for any reason that is not friendly. It is each team's responsibility to clean up their sidelines and pick up their own trash.

Spectator/Parent Code of Ethics

o Applaud the performances of both teams
o Be positive with referees
o Acknowledge the efforts of referees
o Let your children play their game, not your game
o Praise actual efforts not results
o Your role is to set an example for children

Year 2012: u9 boys in action