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Year 2016: Our kids having fun at the 4th July Parade

We answer your questions

  • Why play rugby?

  • Rugby is one of the fastest growing youth sport in the country. Summer rugby is a great way for children to stay active in a structured and fun way. Furthermore, rugby is now an Olympic sport!

  • Who can play youth rugby?

  • Everybody! Young boys and girls are introduced to the game via touch rugby, a non-contact version of the game. Older players have the option to play touch rugby or tackle rugby.

  • Touch rugby? What's the point?

  • Rugby is a game of continuous movement, similar to soccer and basketball.
    The point is to keep the ball alive, advancing it forward by passing and running to score. Touch rugby preserves this flow, and lets boys and girls, and players of a wide age range and skill level, to play together in a safe environment.

  • Can boys and girls play together?

  • Yes in touch/tag, not in tackle. Touch/tag goes until 4th Grade.

  • What age groups play COED touch rugby?

  • u7 (PreK/K), u9 (Grade 1 & 2), u11 (Grades 3 & 4).

  • What age groups play TACKLE rugby?

  • u13 (Grades 5 & 6), u15 (Grades 7 & 8), and High School up to 12th Grade. Depending on High School numbers there could be a JV team (predominantly 9/10th graders and beginners) and a Varsity side (11/12th Grade). Tackle rugby is not coed!

  • When is the Season?

  • Registration for rugby in the US goes from 1 Sept to 31 Oct every year. Our club offers rugby year-round, thereby allowing kids who do other sports to still experience the Rugby Experience. Our registration is good for the whole year (3 Sessions).

  • When are your Sessions?

    • Early September: Fall pre-season
    • September - end November: Fall Session
    • December: Break
    • January: Spring pre-season
    • February - mid-May: Spring Session
    • Mid-May - end July: Summer Session
    • August: Break
  • Who will we play against?

  • There are many club in Rugby Virginia, some more slanted towards the TAG kids, other Tackle and High School. Most clubs are in Fairfax, Loudoun, Western Loudoun, Prince William County. The furtherest we might go is Richmond VA.

  • What kind of equipment is needed?

  • Cleats (soccer, rugby, or football); plastic molded cleats are recommended; shorts, tee-shirts, mouthpiece (mandatory for tackle); no eye-wear is allowed for tackle unless procured from approved USA Rugby source. Athletic goggles can be used in touch.

  • How do I register our child? Cost?

  • Go to our Registration Service here. Register your child/children, and complete the paperwork requirements (waivers etc) as instructed upon checkout. The Paperwork Requirements are posted here for your perusal. The cost for the season / whole rugby year is $140.00. Play the whole year or pick when you can. You also get a practice shirt, shorts, ball and socks.

Year2016: The ever-elusive Walter breaks!

Kids at play