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Year 2016: shaking hands after game at Summer Tournament


Season 2016 ends, but we will be back on the field real soon. Rugby is now year-round sport at Great Falls and the Fall session lies ahead. We are currently the only club to offer this. The idea is to allow as many kids as possible to experience rugby, even if it is around other sports schedules and activities. If you have a hockey season then you can take rugby off for a few months. This give flexibility to the families. And of course, as usual, you only pay for registration once, and you are good for the year. Slowly but surely we are knocking those doors down!!

Tag pre-tournament
Tag teams getting motivated for tournament.

Final tournament overview below: 23 and 24 July 2016

We were very proud of the TAG TEAMS. We declared 3 teams; U7, U9 and U11. At the tournament we ended up with just enough to fill those teams and ZERO subs.

In the 95+ heat, every kid played every second of every game! And fought hard against the larger squads. This is what rugby is all about; the camaraderie and passion and getting all pumped up together to rise to a daunting challenge! And the new kids telling their parents that they loved the experience and want to continue playing rugby. Great Stuff!

Thank you for a wonderful experience!! U7 went 0-3, U9: 2-2 (5h) and U11: 2-2 (4th).

u13 team
u13 team had a great tournament.

Our tackle teams, all combined with other clubs, never gave up and fought hard against some tough odds. We can be very proud of the overall Great Falls effort. Our U13 team went 3-1 placing 3rd, U15: 2-2 (5th) and HS: 1-4 (8th)